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>> Saturday, April 4, 2009

I was out for quite a while, wasn’t able to check my mails, wasn’t able to check and make blogs, wasn’t able to check who visited my sites. It is only now that I check on all my sites and better still, I am able to make and post this blog.

It’s been more than a month that I was in absolute vacation and peacefully on rest. Do you know what happened to me? Well, I’d met some problems. I prefer to say that I was in to a certain trouble that I didn’t do at all. A neighbor of mine, who happens to be the mistress of a certain lawyer here in Tagum, accused me that I am a prank texter who keeps on texting them, namely: the mistress, the lawyer and lawyer’s wife. She (mistress) said that I am destroying their relationship thru text messages; that I have leaked their relationship to the lawyer’s wife, and so on and so forth. Everything seems complicated but to sum it up, the mistress threat me severely. She said that she liked me to be beheaded by some killer from Cotabato. She said numerous upsetting words. She and her family laughed at me every time I go out of my door. All those hurting words and actions they did shattered me a lot, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Despite all those bad words and actions, I did nothing that may complicate the problem. I did not react; I did not say anything against them. You may say that I am too lenient to these people, but I simply believe that God will give justice to the oppressed. I prayed from the bottom of my heart that God will always guide and protect me from my evil neighbor.

As January 2009 set in, I was completely confident for I believe that God is with me. But something has happen that I never expected to occur. My evil neighbor used Black Magic to attack me. Gibarang ko sa akong silingan (my neighbor cursed me using black spirit). In the middle of my deep sleep, I always woke up every 12 midnight. Then I felt my half body (left side) numbed from my head down to my toe finger. In the morning, I can hardly stand up, I hardly walk. My whole body is aching all over most specially my left side and my back part. I could feel my throat was stabbed by needles and it’s always dry. My neck was like pierced by big needle as with my spinal column bone. My left palm and sole was like nailed painfully. My belly increases to about 1 to 2 inches. I’d been suffering this for almost a month. But thanks to my other neighbor who happens to be my good friend. She looked for a “tambalan” (somebody who is gifted to heal pains out from black magic). My friend brought me to Asuncion for the “tambalan”. I had three sessions and successfully complied the sessions. The tambalan confirmed that somebody cursed me. No one else put the curse on me except that naughty mistress because she kept on saying loudly that “hay patay, patay gyud” (that I will be dead).

Now, I can say that what is written in the Bible is true. Evil spirit is now prevalently use by most people. Simple things get complicated because of pride and suspicion. There are many things which are written in the Bible that is eventually happening today.

Living in this world really is wonderful and colorful and full of challenges. Life is full of ups and downs. We live with all sorts of people, big and small, good and bad, rich and poor. But some do like to brag, to step on others right, and turning others down. How about you, will you be happy looking to some people suffering because of your actions?


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