Mama's special day

>> Friday, October 17, 2008

Today, 17th October, is my mother's birthday. I just reminisce the good and bad times we spent together all through this time, and oh, it's quite meaningful.
Although we don't see our mother personally, since we're miles away, we still celebrate her birthday the usual filipino way, ie., we prepared cake (blown by my nieces in the absence of my mother), pancit, adobo, suman, nilagang karneng baboy, etc. A phone call from our mother completes the celebration.
For our dear Mama, happy birthday! Wish you good health, sound heart and mind and bountiful blessings... GodBless.


A good spot to spend a holiday

Panama, a republic in Central America. The Panama City was founded in 1519 by Spaniards. It is the capital and largest city and is situated on the Pacific coast in the central zone. The population is of mixed Spanish, black, and Native American descent, but includes indigenous people and immigrants from various parts of the world. About 70% of Panamanians are mestizos – people of mixed European and Native American descent, or mulattoes – those of European and African heritage.

Spanish is the official language of Panama. This is spoken by all but a few Native Americans. Part of the population, about a quarter speaks English – the language of the West Indian minority and the international business community.

70% of Panamanians are Catholic and Protestant account for 12% of the people. Religious faith and practice does not create conflict in Panama, instead, it guarantees freedom of worship.

The biggest festivities in Panama occur at Christmas. Other important holidays include independence day November 3 and Firemen’s Day of May 5. When it comes to food, the typical meals include sancocho – this is a chicken soup with native cereals and tubers, tamales – made with mashed corn, plantains, and native fruits. Their meals also include rice, beans, boiled meat, potatoes, and fried bananas.


Looking back the history - the people, the language, religion, and way Panamanians celebrate holidays, is great. There are still a lot of things to discover about Panama. Hence, this is the reason why it good to spend a holiday in Panama to unveil its rich culture and heritage. There are also a lot of attractions such as the Panama Canal, Islands and Beaches, Historical sites, and many more. For one who is interested in sports and other leisure activities, you may engage to diving and snorkeling or rafting and tubing just to name a few.

Staying or settling in Panama is not a problem. The restored Hotel Casco Antiguo is a fine place to stay while in Panama. The Hotel Casco Antiguo is the city’s oldest operating hotel. It has authentic Andalusian details, a full modern amenities, and prime location at the heart of UNESCO World Heritage site.

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