A Tasty Lunch

>> Friday, August 29, 2008

Last August 28, 2008, Thursday, a close friend of mine celebrated his birthday. Some of the foods I've eaten were:

Grilled chicken (left side) & grilled fish (right side)


Grilled pork

Those are yummy foods. A very Filipino style and taste. I love it...


My Grapevine...

>> Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't you know that I'm wearing the best eye protection on earth!
For now, I'm using this shades, Oakley.

This is actually a Grapevine (Asian fit) - an Oakley custom eyewear. Its frame color is Rust, the lens color is VR50 Brown Gradient with Gold icon. This has a free accessory, a White Soft Vault Case. My mother bought it for me. Its gross value is $145.00 plus shipping and handling charge of $ 5.39, that totalled to $150.39... Thanks to my parents! I got this shades because of them:)


I'm Just a Nurse

>> Sunday, August 17, 2008

“I’m ‘just a nurse,’ I just make the difference between life and death.

I’m ‘just a nurse;’ I just have the educated eyes that prevent medical errors, injuries and other catastrophes.

I’m ‘just a nurse;’ I just make the difference between healing, coping, and despair.

I’m ‘just a nurse;’ I just make the difference between pain and comfort.

I’m ‘just a nurse.’ I’m just a nurse researcher who helps nurses and doctors give better, safer and more effective care.

I’m ‘just a nurse.’ I’m just a professor of nursing who educates future generations of nurses.

I’m ‘just a nurse.’ I just work in a major teaching hospital managing and monitoring patients who are involved in cutting edge experimental research.

I’m ‘just a nurse;’ I just educate patients and families about how to maintain their health.

I’m ‘just a nurse;’ I’m just geriatric nurse practitioner; I just make the difference between staying in their own home and going to a nursing home.

I’m ‘just a nurse,’ I just make the difference between dying in agony and dying in comfort and with dignity.

I’m ‘just a nurse.’ I’m just central to the real bottom-line in health care.

Don’t you want to join us and be ‘just a nurse’ too?

By Suzanne Gordon

The above article is quoted from Suzanne Gordon's work (nursetogether.com empowering nurses globally). I decided to cite this because I was really touched after reading the article. This is really what a nurse is!..


The El Cuerpo fever....

>> Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Been following the TV soap El Cuerpo del Deseo, a mexican telenovela, aired here in the Philippines by ABS-CBN TV station. Below are some of the casts:

This man on the left is known as Andres Corona in the show. He is the man I hate most in the soap.

This is Dona Rebeca. She's a disgusting woman ever. I don't like her. She's the evil voice of everybody...

The butler, Walter Franco, a nerve-wracking man. I like to cut his neck with a dull knife so that he will feel the horrible pain, just like the pain he's inflicting to his housemates.

The show will become more interesting with the presence of the antagonists. They make the audience/followers giggle with anger..Hahaha, that's exciting huh!!.. Thanks to the three characters above, Andres, Rebeca, and Walter. They make the soap worth watching for.


The Package

>> Monday, August 4, 2008

Today I just picked up a small package from my parents at Johnny Air Cargo. Oh, it's just a small but great!, that is, a small pack but the contents are greeeaaaatttt!!!! Come, take a look what's inside.....

Can you see that! Oh, there's a customized oakley shades for me, whew!!, lots of perfumes such as Deseo by Jennifer Lopez, kate by Kate Moss, Princess by Vera Wang, baby phat GODDESS by Kimora Lee Simmons, two ballpens, few photos of my mother, a pair of leggings, and lots of cards for my parents' friends here..

My father, Bart, and mother, Vicky are do great parents! I love them so much..., and I thank them always for the support they've given to me and to my sister and to the whole family as well... GodBless to my dear parents!



The picture above is the laptop that I'm using, it's an ACER Aspire 5560. Well, this laptop is not the latest one, but this helps me a lot, namely: saving some of the clerical works like letters; my bunch of photos are saved here; photo editing; video editing (although I'm only a neophyte video editor, lol...); playing games, and a lot more.

Aside from the above I've mentioned, my ACER laptop also assists me to be connected over the internet. Well, I'd able to have a lot of social network accounts, my blog account, etc. Besides, this also aids me to be connected with my parents abroad through video and chatting.

Great job ACER!


The Scientist & The Anthrax

>> Sunday, August 3, 2008

The United States was shaken by anthrax during the fall of 2001. The man behind the anthrax fever was Bruce E. Ivins. He was a juggler, a gardener, a church musician, a Red Cross volunteer — and a suspected multiple murderer, according to federal authorities. Recently, report said that he received psychiatric treatment.

Ivins had worked for the past 35 years at the government's biodefense labs at Fort Detrick. For more than a decade, he worked to develop an anthrax vaccine that worked even when different strains of anthrax were mixed, which made vaccines ineffective.

Ivins, 62, committed a suicide this week, as he was the federal prosecutors’ prime suspect in 2001 anthrax attacks. Reports said that he mailed letters enclosed with anthrax powder to different people via post office.

Ivins' brother Tom, conceded the possibility that Bruce may have been the anthrax mailer.

His lawyer believed that Bruce’s untimely death was due to the relentless pressure of accusations. His colleague, Byrne, think that he was just psychologically exhausted, thus, suicide occurred.
source: yahoo! News


Stationary Bicycle

>> Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just hours ago, I just bought my new stationary bicycle. There are some reasons why I decided to buy this machine. Well, it's always been my desire to lose weight since I've gained quite a few pound. Besides, I was alarmed by the report that there will be more people from around the world, specially coming from developing countries, will get the disease diabetes. We should all know that diabetes is a condition characterized by high blood glucose levels caused by either a lack of insulin or the body's inability to use insulin efficiently. The best way to prevent this disease is to have a proper nutrition and of course regular exercise. Hence, I buy this bike to be fit always....
Let's do some warm-up:


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