The El Cuerpo fever....

>> Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Been following the TV soap El Cuerpo del Deseo, a mexican telenovela, aired here in the Philippines by ABS-CBN TV station. Below are some of the casts:

This man on the left is known as Andres Corona in the show. He is the man I hate most in the soap.

This is Dona Rebeca. She's a disgusting woman ever. I don't like her. She's the evil voice of everybody...

The butler, Walter Franco, a nerve-wracking man. I like to cut his neck with a dull knife so that he will feel the horrible pain, just like the pain he's inflicting to his housemates.

The show will become more interesting with the presence of the antagonists. They make the audience/followers giggle with anger..Hahaha, that's exciting huh!!.. Thanks to the three characters above, Andres, Rebeca, and Walter. They make the soap worth watching for.


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