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>> Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is the cellphone that I am using presently, it's a Nokia E65. It is a slideup phone. Nokia E65 incorporates a long battery life, 3G, quad-band calling, and multiple messaging options into a slim, stylish design with dedicated One Touch keys.

This phone helps me a lot to get connected to my important contacts, and of course to my love ones, specially to my parents who are living somewhere in the Atlantic part. One thing that I like with this N e65 is that its feature as wifi ready. So anytime, any place where there is an internet hotspot, I can readily browse the internet, hassle-free.

With the advent of the latest Apple 3G iPhone, which was just recently launched, many cellphone users, including me, thought that the unit we presently use needs to be changed and updated. Although this iPhone is not yet available in the Philippines, but I'm thinking and considering an idea of having one in the future. I heard this iPhone unit was declared as sold out, but I know the company (Apple) will manufacture more of these for their other consumer who's been dreaming to have this kind of unit to experience the difference.


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