Award & Random Things About Me

>> Friday, November 7, 2008

Two special friends namely : MARIE and LUNA gave me tags that have almost the same thoughts. So now I assimilate the two. Thank you marie and luna!...

Random Things About Me:

1. I love biko (rice cake?) with latik (sugar paste) as toppings.
2. Part of the fish that I like most is in the middle, the one that turns black when cooked.
3. I can eat a bowl of rice especially with sinugbang isda or karne (grilled fish or pork), but I restrict myself on eating too much rice since I’m watching my weight now. Instead, I practice eating oats right now.
4. I have a very long patience, but I also fight back when somebody is obviously stepping my right.
5. I miss my parents.
6. I’m fond of watching soap operas.
7. I’m not an IT, but I’m studying and trying to understand html.
8. I’m crazy on chocolates, especially moist cake…
9. I wish that Judge Fuentes of RTC Branch 17, DC, will finally give his decision/verdict to the case I filed (running 1 yr & 2 mos 'til now) against a swindler…. Of course – in favor of me… lolz…
10. I love my family.

Now I'm tagging these especial friends: janiz, badet, larry, shy ....


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